I’ve found that art education is just about everywhere – and not always where you might think. As a new fish in the museum education pond, I’ve started this blog as a way to keep track of the endless ideas and opportunities I see around me. From the phenomenal to the flummoxing, I hope to pick apart the gems of art educational programming, the brilliant ideas that flopped, the delightful but substance-less exercises, and the inexplicably popular projects to find the core elements of successful art and art historical education.

While I am going to start by revisiting the ghosts of exhibits past to reflect on the educational schemes that stuck with me, in the near future I hope to include tour, craft, and guidebook ideas as well as reviews of as many exhibits and museum programs as I can get to! At this point in time, this blog may be just a running account of my scattered thoughts on the museum education field, but I very much hope that it will become an active forum for museum educators and museum visitors to glean ideas and offer wisdom.

If you ever feel the need to contact me, please get in touch at vermiliongoldfish@gmail.com! I’d love to hear from you!

Too long; didn’t read? Educate yourself. Educate each other.

Your ever-roaming reporter,

Colleen in the Museum



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